Physical gold investment con

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    If one doesnt know gold,GLD;
    know your gold dealer.

    ''Good buys'',average buys, on street watches, also , may not be so good.LOL
    Wisdom is profitable to direct.:cool:
  2. someone is always up to something.. pretty ingenious they got so much of it out..
  3. It had to be Goldman suchs (with a track record of fraud on SEC and CDOS , plus Greek bonds).
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    Good lord... this kind of scam has been around for as long as gold bars have been around... leave it to ET to think it's some sort of new innovation.

    (GS invented greek bonds? ha... I think BoE circa 1693 might want to have a word with you)


    Equity sales teams and internet gold bubble masters selling ipos of gold rush dotcom bubble to pension investors (managed by their own barmitvah boys).
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    So... we aren't talking about gold any more are we? You are another ET crazy person?

  7. Who else could influence the treasury , fort knox , U S government to hold fake gold bars?They did it with Tarp ,aig ,and muppets in U S Government.
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    Do you actually know what any of those words mean, or are you just stringing up clippings of newspaper headlines?

    (you know, for an all-powerful organization such as the GS in your mind, you figure their stock wouldn't be down 50% from its height).

    So, crazy person it is, eh...

  9. So who else has that much influence and control on U S Govt?
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