physical delivery of gold

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    I would like to take physical delivery of gold preferably in Australia.
    any ideas how to achieve this goal.?
  2. I dunno. Pick-up truck?
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  5. is there a reason you need to take physical possession of gold? Gold certificates won't cut it?
  6. Its really very simple.

    Fly (or swim) to Australia

    Find a third party willing to store your Bullion safely

    Make arrangements to have the Bullion insured & stored

    Go to the Reserve Bank of Australia

    Buy your Bullion (remember to request an assay certificate)

    Arrange for transport

    Verify receipt of Bullion at point of storage (get receipt)

    Go home.

    Anything else?

    Oh I forgot something. On the way home, call yourself an idiot several times for buying Gold Bullion at close to 20 year highs.....


    Call yourself a motorized dildo with legs, for not remembering that you could have simply bought gold coins and stored them in a safe deposit box in your local bank....

    Good luck

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    in times of crisis and chaos the government will confiscate gold in private hands.
  8. And guns! Good luck in stocking your compound. :D
  9. You shouldnt laugh, its true.

    Man, if i owned some golden guns right now.......i would be shitscared:D

    Steve46 appears to be right however, re; practicality.
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    winners never say it is impractical. they do whatever is necessary to get the job done.
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