Physical Bullion Dealers in Canada?

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    Who's the cheapest?

    I don't wanna pay 10-15% over spot , like Kitco.

    Tulving takes Canadian orders, but delivers to US depositories.

    Any help?
  2. Not 100% sure but I think "Asset Strategies International" delivers to Canada. If you are looking for a Tulving sized order they should be able to quote you almost as good a price if you mention the Tulving quote first.

    Also why not just call local dealers with more flexibility than Kitco and try to haggle down the price since you will apparently be making a relatively big order. Most of these independent PM dealers are more than ready to negotiate on a large order if you sound like you'll walk away otherwise.
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    Thanks for the reply.

    Not sure what qualifies as "large"...? hehe
  4. local are cheapest one in calgary, plus no paper trail,check kitco forum for rest of the country
  5. monster box would be large for most
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    1-Scotia-Mocatta a subsidiary of ScotiaBank

    2-The Royal Canadian Mint.

    Standard size to get near spot prices is 400 OZ bars.
  7. 1 Scotia-Mocatta is very overpriced plus alot of paperwork,whenn the shit hits the fan the RCMP will be knocking on your door 2The Royal Canadian Mint doesnt sell bullion ,uless you want to pay100-300% mark up 3 unless you are a billionaire no one in their right mind going to buy 400 OZ bars,most of them are fake anyway,get 1 once coins
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    Some observations...

    The natural price for silver bullion is about 1-2$, over spot.

    The best price for retail silver bullion is around 10-12%, over spot (I thought Kitco ripped me off last time. Guess I was mistaken).

    Canadian Maples oxidize fast, that leaves a whitish, cloudy mark on their face. Which mint is better?
  9. I work for a bullion dealer, we sell everything under the umbrella of precious metals, coins, bars etc.

    I can sell you 10oz .999 gold bars for 6% over spot. PM me and I'll give you my office contact info.

    100oz silver bars are about the same, I don't have my price list in front of me, I'm at home currently.

    If anybody wants info just PM me.
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