Photos of Israel's Georgian war - horrors

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  1. Wait what? You did not know Israel is training and backing the the war in Georgia?

    You mean to say the Zionist media did not give you that freedom?
    Say it ain't so.

    Click here for the proof of Israel startinng and backing this war, and now US "aid" (translation: weapons, bomb teams) is pouring into the area:

    Here are the photos below. WARNING they show the truth of war.

    This is also how Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine look after American WMD rain down upon them. Gee, I wonder why they hate us.

    The Judeo-Christian (yeah I'm one of them) Fascists are living out some death cult holy book fantasy of bombs, war, and tribulation.
    All they know is bombs bombs and war, it's bred into them.

    WARNING again, not for the faint of heart.:
  2. You are completely insane.

    The muslim world committs more atrocities in a week than any other country in a year.

    Monthly Jihad Report
    July 2008 Jihad Attacks: 200

    Countries: 22

    Religions: 5

    Dead Bodies: 926

    Critically Injured: 2075

  3. So True. If Islam disappeared tomorrow, more than half the world's dangerous events would evaporate.