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  1. Tea


    What is this "Photon"?

    Has anyone ever heard of this order execution system?

    I saw it on Linda Bradford Raschke's web site. It looks like a nice trading setup (and no this isn't spam, I use IB and like it, but always looking to see if the grass is greener somewhere else.)
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    cool, look like IB interface tho.
  3. We offer Photon at our firm, it is a GL app.. It is not the most robust of the platforms and I do not recomend it.

    It does have a nice order depth screen for a one click order entry, but the network that it is on is not that stable.

  4. Tea


    What do you mean by GL? (general ledger?)
  5. GL trade is the platform that Photon based off of.


    Linda Raschke would not use recommend nor use phonton if is was not good. What's wrong with it?? I liked the click trade feature when I was using Trading Technologies system (one of the best active futures machines for scalping.)

    I'm in process of open e'mini account & seriously considering calling them because I like the click trade feature or vertical spreader feature some systems call it.
  7. Gregg,

    I agree with your post. I just have to say that the network that this platform resides on is not the most stable. That is all. The features are nice and yes the vertical spreader is a nice feature.

  8. Why isn't it that stable.. I thought it had its on API etc
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    Can TT do automated signal execution? How about OCO?

    Trading Technologies has x-trader and x-trader pro and some add-ons but i do not know about automated signal execition. Have not been confident of anyone having a good platform up for automation.

    But things keep getting better (hopefully). Maybe a better question would be: Is any platform out there sound and solid to AUTOMATE FUTURES SIGNALS? Futures being either ES, ER2 or NAZ..Thanks in advance.

    Natch, TT would need to be tied into a charting service such as tradestation, but i would not rely on tradestations automation since i would not use them as the order entry broker.
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