photon trader?

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  1. Anyone use this to actively trade mini's?

    I think think that x_trader is great, but think that it is highway robbery.

    I was given this link from Man Futures, and they are charging $200/mo for it. Just wondering if it is worth looking into.

    It's just a matter of time before better software comes out and prices come down, but it looks like TT has the market cornered for now.

  2. Just curious, anyone else around here use Photon and how do you feel about it?
  3. You must be trading real high volume, me I use X Trader from Velocity Futures at $5.75 RT, but I am retail. I am curious what people think of Photon, it looks good, for now I will stick with TT.
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    What are they charging for commissions?

  5. Be patient....TT will have a retail "lite" version of the X coming out by the end of the year..........everything else will most likely be BLOWN AWAY when the release happens.
  6. That is interesting, hmm? Right now I am on Ninja Zen which is awesome for entry, but the charting sucks. Considering TransAct with Sierra Charts.
  7. Just hold off on everything....X lite will be the bomb. If you need charting with the platform then you will need the XT 7 with XStudy, that is once they re-release the product in the next month or two after the bugs have been worked out.
  8. BTW, in the mean time do not give up fast and reliable execution just to gain some pretty charts! :)
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    Chuck_T eSignal

    Check out VisionTrader which connects to Interactive brokers and Patsystems data feeds for a look at a new trading platform.

    More brokerage data feeds coming soon.

    Here is the web site:

    Price - it is totally FREE!

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    Hello Chuck,

    This maybe what I have been looking for but the page you gave the link for has very little info.

    For one thing, when you do start charging what will the fee be?

    I am under the impression IB only provides six months of historical data. Is that correct?

    Is the platform the same as the standard eSignal charting platform?


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