photon trader vs. ninja with zen fire

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    hello, i am day trading e minis and wondered if anyone had opinions on the pros/cons between these 2 platforms. Speed is crucial as i use limits for entry/exit and from what i understand these 2 are ferrari's. cost is comparable. i understand tt xtrader to be higher cost so i'm not considering it as i'm not trading the volume to justify it.

    thanks in advance
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    cool, i'll have a look.

    i do use IB now but looking for something a little faster without tick filtering, and more accurate market depth. ib data feed is not nearly as fast as the 2 i'm comparing
  3. Yes, but do not forget that IB delivers snapshots only (If my memory is right its max 3 ticks per second)!!! So that’s the IB-speed-secret :)
  4. These are certainly not the "ferrari's" not even close

    Ninja is a retail platform (available to the general public). The coding is clumsy and it is a resource hog. The Zenfire feed makes it a little less so, but it is still not (in my opinion) a professional quality product. Photon is somewhat better (code is tighter and it requires a bit less resources, also it is more stable). These are only one person's opinions. If you are a retail trader your options are fewer, but you may want to look into Buttontrader (another retail trading platform, but with fairly tight code and good support). It is priced in Euros so if you are in the US the cost will be higher to you.

    Good luck to you

  5. For the eminis and some other futures the IB snapshot is every 100 milliseconds and for everything else it is 300 milliseconds.
  6. Photon is not widely used IMO. Button appears to on work with IB. NT is supposedly close to releasing NT7 which is multi core support.

    If you search around ET there are suggestions on how to speed up NT, disconnect market replay, delete logs, etc.

    If you are going to consider those why not GS Trader using TT data or Strategy Runner with TT data. I will say SR seems very small company. Didn't respond to me sales inquiry a couple of years back.
  7. @jeb9999,

    Thanks for your information. Do you have any source where I could find out which securities are updated in 100ms intervals?
  8. I wish I did have a good source. IB does not present full information on their website.

    Here is what an IB rep said on 09/20/2007 in the thread

    "We have increased the refresh rate on the index futures, forex and all options quotes to 10 times a second.

    We will be increasing the stocks and etfs in the near future. We might have to cut back the options to the way they were (3-4 times a second)."
  9. Thanks - that's an important information for me! Wonder why they do not make this information public on their web-site?
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