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    I've got a 30 year old 35mm SRL I bought at Sears I'll sell you for cheap.
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    My wife's SLR works great also, but I have to admit I like downloading and picking which pictures to print. I haven't made the leap to DSLR yet. A friend is the head photographer for a major University and he had given me recommendations 2 years ago, but those are essentially obsolete now. I will say he didn't think there was any reason for the average person to buy top of the line. The middle of the road Canon's and others are perfect, and will save you money, which you can use towrd other lenses or equipment.
    Watch for the package deals with a zoom lens included. You should easily be able to find one under $1000 with most likely 2 lenses, case, extra memory card etc. Canon and N**** were running deals a month ago on their 1-2 year old models which would be perfect, and well under $1000, or close to it with the package deals. Most of these new cameras shoot remarkable HD video now also. A parent from my kids soccer team uploaded video last fall of a game, and it was incredible.
    I don't think you will honestly notice a difference between 15 and 18 megapixels, and you could save some cash this way also. On the other hand if you have extra cash, go big! Go into a local camera shop and see what they have, and info they can offer, maybe even buy from them if they can come close in price. That way you have a local place to go with questions. Check them out via BBB, and references, as I m sure as with anything some are better than others.
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    Is there some reason Elite doesn't like the N I K O N brand? I see it was starred out in my previous post. Does it mean something I don't know?
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    the last four letters are a brokerage/platform that was probably heavily spammed a while ago. Google them to see who they are.
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    It's a little pricey if you are coming from the $100 point and shoot world. It looks like the only reason you would want it is because you get to spend 2k on it.

    The Ni-kons offer some great wid-range DSLR's with good resolutions (12-16 mp) for about half the price plus you get the renowned Ni-kon opticals. Check this review site to see how your choice and others measure up in the hands of the pros:
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    I had an epiphany while struggling to learn my first SLR Digital camera... Japanese consumers LOVE things that have tons of features, menus and all that stuff, the more that is KRAMMED into the less space the more value they place on it.. once I got past that and discovered the very few features that I needed and mastered those, I'd really made the onramp... and it was not at all hard to learn and not at all hard to use the camera after I understood that what I wanted was there and accessible... I'll look at Leica the next time, I hate Japanese stuff really...

    Personally I'd look at "full frame" cameras, ones that have a sensor the same size as a 35mm negative for starters, that is the current Gold Standard I suppose... is a great resource for developing an in-depth value system with regard to cameras but a test drive is necessary..
  7. i like the HD filming ability too. Look at this quality.
    (set it to 720p when the film starts to see how good it is)

    <iframe width="640" height="390" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. I thought about getting something a little less pricey like around the $600-$800 range, but I figure if I'm going to spend that much, I might as well pony up another $1200 and get something that many professionals use. That way if my shots come up crappy, I know its my fault and not the cameras. LOL. Right now, every bad shot I blame the camera because my camera is pretty cheap.
  9. If your going to spend that much why don't you get a medium format. I'd rather have basic medium format than the top slr.
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