Photo of Zim just released.

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    From the article:

    "...Martin's death sparked nationwide protests and inflamed public passions over race relations and gun control"

    The media inflamed the passions and roughly 70% support the 2nd amendment

    ", as well as Florida's controversial "stand your ground" law

    Half the states in the country have the same or similar laws

    ", which allows the use of deadly force when a person perceives a threat to safety..."

    NO CNN, you ignorant sluts. The SYG laws merely allow you to stand your ground when threatened. As opposed to be required by law to run like a rabbit. For the most part merely an extension of the Castle laws. Self defense laws alow you to use deadly force when threatened. If you're going to be opposed to something at least know what it is you're opposed to.
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    The irony of all ironies:

    Zimmerman gets convicted after Casey Anthony was acquitted.
  4. Seems to me that "in practice" CCW and all these gun laws are bullshit and they are out to prosecute ,you the gun owner anyway.

    That's the reason I don't own a handgun: I can't use it anyway for anything less than a no hope situation of multiple armed opponents.

    I mean lets face it I'll have a lot less explaining to do dispatching a dumbass thug with a good fountain pen than a handgun.
  5. Stand your ground isn't what the Zimmerman / Martin case is about.
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    Tell CNN, please.
  7. Nobody denies Martin beat Zimmermens ass.This case is about if you start a fight with someone then legally kill them if you get your ass beat in the fight you started.I don't think you can
  8. Maybe, maybe not. Do we know FOR SURE who threw the first punch? Giving you the argument that Zimmerman started the fight, found himself getting his ass kicked in a big way and then shoots "little tray" dead, it's still not Murder II. It's manslaughter, which is why Zimmerman will walk because some politically motivated DA made the wrong charge. Again, we're in no way sure Zimmerman wasn't just doing his job, however poorly, asked the kid what he was doing and "little tray" jumped his ass. If that's the case Zimmerman had every right to defend himself.
  9. If zim had just asked Martin what he was doing and martin went to zims car and started hitting him zim would have had every right to shoot him.Zim didn't just ask martin what he was doing though,he chased and cornered him after martin ran from him and after 9-11 operators told him not to.

    You are right we dont know who threw the first punch and giving you the argument that Martin threw the first punch if some crazy guy chases and corners you after you run from him to avoid him you have the right to throw the first punch imo.
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    How do you know Zimmerman started the fight?
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