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  1. I have so gotten underneath this cretins skin that he is PM'ing me.:D

    Yeah PT, my world is FX, and since you challenged me, you get to play in my world. When do we start? :)

    Start your journal. Or, should I say, restart your journal, name your pair. Or, if that is too much for you, you can trade whatever pair you like.


    But, just as you and your kind were slain down here, you will be slain up there. I am waiting PT. I am waiting. :)
  2. 377OHMS


    Weasel words.

    A rodent in dreadlocks... Naked cowardice is difficult to watch.
  3. Apparently your conservative mind cannot read. I said, if you trade FX, then START YOUR FUKKING JOURNAL.

    That goes for you too, my liberal hating/loving friend.
  4. pspr


    I guess you are a chicken shit RCG. Where is YOUR journal and trade/statement snapshots?
  5. I do not need to start a journal for validation, but I will start one to embarrass a conservative, anytime, anywhere.

    It it odd that no one has started journal in the journals section.

    What do you have to lose?

    Besides FACE:D :D :D
  6. Lucrum


    Really? Have you forgotten already AGAIN we're waiting on the TST combine for ET members?

    I have news good though numb nuts, I just got an email from TST today.

    "Register today and take 20% OFF the Combine deposit. While in the Combine you'll showcase your trading skills to our Scouts. If our Scouts choose you to go pro, we'll fully-fund you as a live trader.

    This offer ends at midnight (12am CST), so don't delay, register now to receive 20% OFF the Combine deposit. On the Combine sign up form, use the Scouting Prospect Code ******* when registering to receive the discount. Questions? Contact us at 312.252._9490 or

    Please note: This offer is available for one new Combine only and cannot be applied to previous Combine deposits. This discount is available for full-priced Combine deposits only and cannot be combined with any other offers. The discounted Combine must begin by December 5."

    Since TST has already said just yesterday as a matter of fact. That the ET discount will only be 10% - 20% there's no point in waiting. I'll PM you the Prospect code. I was afraid they might not want me making it public.

    Don't forget you have to register by midnight CST tonight.
  7. 377OHMS


    You've already lost all credibility. I must avert my eyes as this is just embarrassing.

    I think PT has started a Journal in P&R so that we can comment freely without intervention from mods. I guess the expectation is that you will post phony trades. That does seem consistent with your character RCG.

  8. pspr


  9. Lucrum


    No not necessarily. You WILL however need screen shots for validation

    Why, who needs one? I HAVE posted daily P&L with screen shots in the past. Day in and day out win or lose.

  10. I have no link until one of you idiots grows a pair!:)


    Will you stand for the conservative traders? Start your FX journal! I am a lowly FX trader. A sheeple!

    Surely, you will best me within a week! It is only Monday, and there is still time.:D
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