Phoenix AZ

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Sky123987, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. Looking to meetup at fuddruckers in scottsdale Sat Aug 30th @ 2PM.

    anyone is invited, but serious people preferred.
    Series people are ones who do this for a living and have no other job.

    PM me
  2. I like Nevada and AZ, so don't get me wrong, but...

    ...anyone that lives in Phoenix in the three hottest summer months is one tolerant SOB.

    I can tolerate hot weather, but Phoenix in June, July and August no moi can do...

    So have a cold one on me.
  3. yeah, got a house there in Phoenix, and did 6 summers. ouch! this summer i have been outa there and loving it! but you cant beat those winter months!
  4. no I hear ya, 100's I can tolerate, however 110's. That is painful

    where are you from
  5. achilles28


    I love Phoenix. Spent 6 months down there.

    Great party town. ASU/Tempe rocks. ;)
  6. Michigan. Nice summers.

    Yes, Februaries can be and are quite painful.

    San Diego ftw.