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    There are estimates all over (anywhere from -4.0 to +2.5). Does anyone know what # people are using?
  2. I have no idea. But once again the Philly Fed report proves to be just about the most consistent economic report in turning the market into a ping pong tournament. I'm sure the locals love the fact that at 12:00 they have virtual free reign.


    -13.0??? That # was ridiculous.
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    And the markets are already responding to the number
  6. Is that good or bad for my OCT QQQ Put? (Long -- or debit spread)
  7. the number itself is a negative. see how the market reacts to it.

    r u long or short the put?
  8. Long 24 OCT QQQ Put
    Short 23 OCT QQQ Put
  9. negative - true
    and the market *wants* to go higher... at least there's no panic selling. Looks like MSFT report is what everybody are waiting for.
  10. Where can one find a good calender of important dates/times for earnings release?
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