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  1. Hello,
    I am looking for traders who trade from Philippines. I will stay there for couple months in Luzon and would like to get in touch with active traders of stocks and futures .
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    I moved here to the Philippines (Makati) a few months ago and have been day-trading options for a couple of months now. If you have any specific questions, just post them so the answers may benefit other people who may be interested.

    I trade using a 9-inch Dell Netbook (Mini-9) with 2 extended batteries (each can last 7 hours), so my setup is very portable. I have CNBC plus subscription for $10/month.

    I have a Wi-Tribe internet connection (a modem that can actually be portable and plugged at a different location) which uses 4G connectivity. I also have SmartBro USB prepaid internet for backup (similar to Verizon broadband in the US, except prepaid).

    I mainly trade from my apt because I have CNBC on TV/cable, but if I had to leave the apt for some reason, I could just put my netbook, batteries along with my USB to the nearest 24hr McDonalds (there's one 3 minutes away). Most McDonalds have free wifi which are pretty fast connections. If the nearby McDonalds' internet was down, I can drive to Mall of Asia, which is a huge mall complex, and the internet coverage is everywhere including the parking lots and streets. Very fast connection there, as well.

    I guarantee you, internet connectivity is not a problem here. Besides SmartBro USB prepaid, there is also a competing Globe Tattoo USB prepaid. Buy both plus McDonalds, plus many malls, plus Starbucks, etc, and internet connectivity should be 99.99% guaranteed.

    Be aware that US markets trade at local time 9:30PM to 4AM Philippine time. I am awake at night and sleep until noon.

    PS: Internet security is a must anywhere. I ALWAYS secure my internet connection with VPN to a DD-WRT router in the US that I setup prior to coming here. If that is too complicated for you, there are VPN services out there. There's so many ways to hack your communication (i.e. steal your browser cookies). This is true even if you were in the US using an open WiFi AP.
  3. Palawan,

    If i understand it correctly, you have an external router with DD WRT installed then wired connection to your notebook/laptop ?
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    No, I setup a DD-WRT VPN router in California before I left. Wherever I am in the world (even in the US), I always initiate a VPN connection to that router to secure my communication.

    There is a VPN (OpenVPN) client software running on my laptop. If you don't do this, other users on an open WiFi can eavesdrop on your communication (google hamster/ferret and backtrack if you want to learn more).

    I'm at Rockwell Powerplant mall right now. Free internet. This is the Beverly Hills of the Philippines.
  5. I am not getting it.
    Is the free internet wifi from Philippines( Mc Donalds, malls, Starbucks) get somehow beamed to your US based router and through VPN to your laptop ?
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    You are somewhat correct.

    Free internet is everywhere here (malls, McDonalds, etc). Once you connect, you don't need anything else and can use the internet to your heart's content.

    I secure the internet connection by initiating the VPN software on my laptop to connect to a router in California. This makes it "appear" that I am in the US to any website I connect to. I can even connect to Hulu. The main purpose is to secure the connection, tho. The by-product of appearing to be in the US is a plus.
  7. Oh, do you have a different provider for your california to laptop VPN ? I just cant see how will mall wifi do that.
    very interesting
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    Yes, the DD-WRT router in California is connected to a DSL provided by a local Caifornia ISP. It's at the business owned by my brother and his wife.
  9. I'm thinking of taking a holiday to Philippines some time in the next few months, where are the best islands / beaches to visit with decent 3G internet (or at minimum reliable wifi) connections? Is it true Philippines gets frequent power outages? Any comments on reliability and availability of internet in Philippines would be very helpful. Thanks!
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    1. Best islands?
    I heard Boracay is the most internet-friendly of all the island resorts. I haven't been there since 1996. It's a beautiful island but too "commercialized" for my taste. I prefer Bohol but the last time I went there with my wife in 2008, the wifi internet was slow (too slow). Maybe they improved it. If you like a party atmosphere, then Boracay is the best choice.

    As soon as you arrive, inquire about the SmartBro prepaid USB internet. It costs about $20 and you can load it with prepaid credits. I think even 7-11 sells the SmartBro. There is a competing Globe Tattoo, that you can also buy as a backup. You can use either of these anywhere but SmartBro has the best coverage. Once you get to the island resort, use it immediately. I had experience where I go to the remote places, and it's slow the first day but increases in speed the next few days. Maybe something gets activated.

    2. Power outages?
    No, we hardly get power outages. I live in Makati, and we did have a few outages 3 or 4 months ago, but we were in the middle of a heatwave, super hot, and they had to ration the power. This is similar to my experience in Southern California when we get heatwaves. Most hotels/resorts don't have prolonged outages (lasting more than 15 minutes) as they have their own power generators. If you happen to stay at one without a power generator, just move to one that has. I doubt you will experience a power outage during your stay as the weather is not hot anymore, sometimes raining

    Remember, in Metro Manila you get free internet in the malls and McDonalds (24 hours). I think Burger King and Krispy Kreme also provide free internet, but I don't see a lot of them that are open 24 hours. The fastest wifi mall internet (imo) is at the SM Mall of Asia. There is a 24 hour McDonalds there if the mall closes and you still want to stay around.

    Good luck and have fun.

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