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  1. hi, im an fx trader from the philippines, anyone here from the philippines? i am in metro manila right now but i came from the province of negros occdental.

    how are you doing with fx trading? im only have about 2 months trading exposure using a demo account from FXCM. :)
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    Not forex, but I'm down here in Ormoc trading the ES and there was another guy i saw on here that was in Boracay doing the same. I'm sure there are a ton of traders in Manila area also. Good trading to ya! :)

    Oh yeah, be sure and use hard (emergency) stops when you go live, because you never know when you will get a brownout or internet goes down. keep ur broker's phone number close by. i was using smart bro and it stopped working with my data feed for a week, then it started again, but tonight it stopped totally. on my back up now. definitely a challege trading from here, but worth it in the end!
  3. wow. good to hear that. sorry im kind of new. what do you mean by E.S.? the futures exchange?

    thanks for the tip. yes of course i would incorporate that to my trading strategy. the electricity service here in the philippines kind of suck. so need to have what you said.
  4. ES? you mean you are trading futures?

    sorry i dont exactly know what ES is. lol. anyway, good to hear from you. thanks for the tip! i think i still have 4 months to practice my demo account before injecting money to my live account.

  5. ES= Emini S&P Futures Contract.

    What Broker are you guys using for trading Futures and also for Forex from the Philippines?
    i looked at MBTrading for a forex account and on the list for countries selection the Philippines is not listed?...why is that, i would prefer an
    ECN Broker for Forex, anyone know why Philippines Not listed?
    Also for Futures intraday Trading , what Broker to use if Trading in the Philippines?
  6. @ esmonkey...interested in your oppinion on brokers for ES and possibly on Forex brokers, i will be in Southern Leyte...Ormoc is not far from where i will be.
    please contact my email -
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    Ingat pre pag nagopen ka na ng live account. You will be entering a "Slaughterhouse" sabi nga nila.

    Read this books baka sakaling makatulong.

    1. Day Trading the Currency Market 2nd- Kathy Lien
    2. Beat the Forex Dealer Agustin Silvani (2008)

    If you finish reading those books, this will help you dig deeper on what real FX is all about.

    1. Currency Strategy A Practitioner's Guide To Currency Trading, Hedging And Forecasting

    Good luck.

    By the way dito nga pala ko sa SG nag open ng account since i am working here.

    Nghahanap ako ng reputable company jan kaso as of now wala pa kong nababalitaan.

    Keep me posted kung ano nangyari sa trading account mo.

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    Good day.

    Sir I am also a Filipino leaving in Batam, Indonesia / Singapore. I would like to be involve in Forex Trading. Appreciate your advice on what Broker is the best to be in.

    happy new year to you.
    God bless...
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    Hi , all,
    I'm considering moving to PHIL and would like to know about trading futures there. I know they have stock brokers locally, but what about commodities / futures brokers ?

  10. Is the infastructure there stable enough to trade short term like ES/futures? Trading in Boracay sounds like awesome provided the power/internet is stable. I hear about that place all the time from guys visiting Philippines for the holidays.

    I trade from CT, USA which probably can't rival the view from that guy trading in Boracay ...check it out. Maybe when I retire...

    BTW, you might want to check out Customer performance report published by NFA quarterly which lists % of profitable customer account- while not the only criteria in evaluating brokers, certainly important for it is a good indicator of fx spreads and other factors unique to Spot Fx.
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