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  1. Kestrel


    Any recommendations on Philadelphia firms??

    I previously listed this question in the trading forum. No response.

    I'm a senior trader, and prefer to trade my own money. Not fond of LLCs as too much of the risk would be my money.

    Shoreline? Van Buren? Susquehanna? Any others that I'm missing?

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    Bright opened up an office in Cherry Hill. Nice place. Manager Rich seems to know his stuff. Need 25k to start there and desk charges. Good luck
  3. Kestrel


    Someone has come forward!! Who else will sound out??

    I'm veteran experienced. Not the absolute best, but damn good. I've got to move to Phili. in the fall. My firm will most likely be very eager to help me trade from home- but an active trading floor environment is better.
    2 1/2 hours isn't a commute I want or need.

    Again, I'd rather trade my own money. I will trade proprietary if absolutely necessary- but not with less than a few million dollars in buying power.

  4. Just a note. Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C. has an office in Berwyn,Pa. about 25 miles from Philadelphia. Bright has an Office in Cherry Hill, NJ. If you would like to tour our Lieber & Weissman branch office, Call Anthony Minisalle,MBA our office manager at
    610-725-9800. Go to and click on "Contact
    Us" for the Berwyn, Pa. address .

    Gene Weissman
    Lieber & Weissman Sec., L.L.C.
  5. There is also a prop firm named Navillus in Conshohocken (about 25 minutes north of Philly) but it was more expensive and less professional IMHO than Bright' Cherry Hill office. Bright's trading office is nice -- I was there a few weeks ago -- but there were only eight traders there and there didn't seem to be much interaction. Momentum securities used to have an office in Philly as well, but I'm not sure if they're still in the city.

    As for Susquehanna, they are a hedge fund with a very rigorous interview procedure. They almost never offer percentage deals (salary and bonus are discretionary) but you will not be risking any of your own money either. I have many friends who work there so I can probably answer any questions you have about them.
  6. Echotrade has an office in Rosewood NJ (not familiar with the area so don't know how far that is from where you are??)

    Robert Tharp
  7. The office is in Roseland, N.J. at exit 4B off the 280. (few miles NW of Newark airport)
  8. Kestrel


    To those who have replied, 'Thank You'.
    I have kept the information and will make phonecalls in the next few weeks.

    The move to Philadelphia is still being worked out. This weekend will be busy with house / apartment shopping. As all develops, I will be taking more time to exploring each office.

  9. I didn't know Echo had an office in Roseland, NJ. Doesn't mention it on their website. Are you with that office TraderBob? If you are, please post some info. on that office. Thanks.
  10. I am not with Echo but am considering them. I went to the N.J. office yesterday. It officially opens on Monday 3/11. You can call Mario at (973) 364-1701 who is the office mgr. Tell him you got his number from Bob whom he met with on Thurs 3/11.

    Good luck.
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