Philadelphia area trading room

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Richard221, Feb 2, 2003.

  1. Anyone in the Philadelphia area interested in starting an
    E Mini trading room?
  2. richard,

    i have some interest in talking about the potential. pm me.

  3. cartm


    I would be up for it, keep me posted if you want to do something.
  4. dm19072


    Interested. Call me after 3/3. Dave 610 667-3599
  5. richard, cartm,

    I am in the 610 area code and a new trader with wall st experience looking for mentorship and possibly part time work. If you see a potential relationship, or are willing to talk, I would appreciate contact.

  6. i just want a geno's cheesesteak and an eagle SB appearance....
  7. cartm


    Pat's are better. :D
  8. Do you guys have a group going? Please let me know.
  9. There is no group in Phila. that I know of.
  10. dawg


    live in montgomery cnty. please keep me informed. thanks.
    #10     Apr 2, 2003