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    I am interested in opening an office in the Philadelphia area (King of Prussia) and was curious if there are any traders from the area that would be interested.

    Not a 100% on the office yet, trying to get some indications of interest before I commit.

    I am moving there in June. If not I will just trade remote.
  2. Well...there's one there already...Orion Financial...Wayne, PA address, but really right next to KOP.
  3. slug


    Thanks for the info. I never even knew this firm existed.

    Still prefer to set my own office up in the area.
  4. Yeah, they're run by this former shipping magnate who sold that business. He attempted to establish a prop shop in some nice digs by luring trader-wanna-bees via Craigslist ads. It never took off, but he was able to survive by contracting with several hedge funds for trade executive services. I am quite surprised they are still in business. Go up there and check it out sometime. You'll find a huge empty room full of computers and monitors.
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    Funny, I actually started out in an office like that back in '99.
    Ended up being quite a depressing place to trade, which is why I like my own office space. Eliminates a lot of the bullshit.

    I think I am definitely going to stop by though.. At the very least for a good laugh.
  6. If you do, be prepared for a "pitch" and quite a lot of "BS".
  7. gimp570


    Are there any offices still in the Philly Area?
    Or are trading offices a thing of the past?
    Ah..i remember the good old days.
    Nothing like trading in a good office with other traders.
  8. they are a thing of the past
    especially when the wife's employment and income (and benefits) are just as important (if not more) than the the trader's
    plus, she is happy (or at least responsible) for where she lives

    everything should be remote

    the traders can get together once a year in Las Vegas (company poker game) so you know who it is you are talking to on the internet
  9. I lived in Valley Forge Towers king of Prussia in the early 1990''s. that was quite the party house back then.....PH 55
  10. Yes, WTS is operating out of Bryn Mawr.
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