Phil Town's book "RULE #1"

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  1. "With bulletproof arguments and statistics to back up his advice, Phil Town says you can make money choosing individual stocks that you research, understand, and love instead of letting a money manager squander your money in an under-performing fund. Though his narration is flat, there is excitement in the author's personal story and in this well-crafted lesson. With motivating clarity Town explains how to analyze every conceivable aspect of a publicly traded company--product viability, brand strength, competitive advantages and weaknesses, management, financial soundness, etc. Though his approach is decidedly fundamentalist, Town says it also will help traders--if they do their homework. An energizing lesson to wake up your inner stock-picking genius. T.W. © AudioFile 2006, Portland, Maine-- Copyright © AudioFile, Portland, Maine --This text refers to the Audio CD edition. "

    This is a real jem. PLain talk and simple. If you never been involved in the stockmarket, you can still read it and get something out of it.
    All my life I have been a technician in terms of the markets. I have a computer and trading background. It was natural for me to be a technical guy and totally ignore accounting or fiscal analisys of the stocks. When I was a stock broker I have read valueline and made some recommendations based on that. Unfortunately my broker years were cut short of the 1987 crash. I was just a rookie broker in October '87 and my business, as many other broker's businesses just disappeared.
    Now, I am realizing the value and truth in value investing, not necessarily the way I originally learned but the way Phil Town had presented it. It is worth a read.
  2. Yeah, I am short term trader but am also a long term investor. And funny thing is I just started reading this book in the last day. So far it is really good with plain and simple talk. Alot of stuff I already know but it has been a great refresher for me.
    I really like it !!
    Two thumbs up
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