Phil Helmuth

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  1. If you guys arent listening to CNBC right now, they are going ot have Phil on a little while...this guys is a rip. A world champion poker player.
  2. inandhook..

    do you know why he's going to be on CNBC..

    He is probably the best Texas Hold Em player out there..

    I think he also trades stocks if I'm not mistaken. maybe thats why he'll be on..
  3. jester

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    ..he's a regular on the Pro Poker Tournament....I saw him play at a local Card room here int eh Bay Area that they taped for the Pro Poker Tour, he is awsome poker player...their one guy the call "Jesus" (I think hin name is Chris something) He's a regular commentator and also at one time was a Bright Trading trader ..although I think that was years ago...

    I am starting to take poker much more seriously as it relates to trading immensly I believe and have been playing a little online and at ur local card room here in Santa Cruz,...

  4. Chris ferguson is the one nicknamed jesus
  5. i didnt know why untill he was on...he was hawking his book...I may buy it
  6. That reminds me of something which happened to me many many years ago.

    I was hanging out with a group of friends and poker was one of the card games we played for money.

    I am sure I was the worst player of the lot.

    Then I found a book titled something like 'How to win poker and win. I read the book and I was so elated that I just couldn't contain myself and just had to show it to one of these friends.

    He leaved through it and then, as he gave it back to me, he said 'You are already breaking one of the first rules in the book'

    I couldn't see how that possibly could be the case until he pointed out the rule he was talking about.

    It read : 'Always play with people who are a worse player than you are.'

    I guess he was 100% right of course. :mad: