Phil Gramm at it again.

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    In this interview the former district attn. for ny county says that theres 2 trillion dollars in off shore accts avoiding taxation. I find it hard to believe its THAT much. But its been hands off for decades which explains the possibility. The first link I posted describes how its been possible. Mutants will chime in about how
    they agree with the scofflaws.
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    The income tax isn't legal. It was shot down by the Supreme Court and reinstated by a lower court!! Can a lower court overrule the Supreme Court? I guess so if there is enough clout behind the deal... then for icing on the cake it wasn't ratified by enough states... maybe all these wealthy people can unite and knock some sense into the government actually, this all could be a good thing...
  3. Ratification of the Sixteenth Amendment

    In response, Congress proposed the Sixteenth Amendment (ratified by the requisite number of states in 1913), which states:

    The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several States, and without regard to any census or enumeration.
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    OK, I'll keep on paying my income taxes then... resistance is futile...
  5. You can move to Belgium or South Korea.

    "The (Belgium) federal government taxed an average family 48.2 percent last year, 3.4 percent above Germany. Sweden is ranked third with 44 percent. South Korean families fare the best, paying just 16.1 percent in income tax."

    South Korea even has universal health care. Korean could be a hard language to pick up though.
  6. That is the smart thing to do. The only resistance that works is legal resistance through tax deference methods, corporate structures to legally cut/defer/transfer tax. It's all a pain in the ass but the only other option is to break the law or just pay what the bottom line says.

    If you screw up while legally trying to cut taxes you pay interest and your taxes, if you screw up and illegally under pay or under report you also pay a fine, penalty, and could go to jail if you're a big hitter, and get audited multiple times in the future.

    I'm a light weight, don't think I could handle jail.
    It's not really a question of what's right or wrong it's a question of what is.