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  1. Has anybody subscribed to Phil's Erlanger Squeeze Play? Is it any good? What was the performance like?
  2. Excellent service. Very good for turning points in the stock indicies. I don't know too much about the individual stocks.

    His sales pitch is a little bit too hard but you can't argue with his pedigree.

    Take it on a trial for a month or so and see what you think. You've only got a few $ to lose.
  3. i just did his free trial.his method makes a lot of sense to me but his calls didn't work so good in the month i was with them.
    he missed the bottom by 900 points then decided to go long QQQ,DIA,SPY too late and got stopped out recently.
    he also sent out some calls on a couple of individual stocks but every one was close to a point off from his call point.
    i think he is on the right track in his method of using sentiment to catch market turns but he never made any money during my trial of his service.
  4. redunzl


    I've been following Erlanger for a while and have been particularly impressed with his hedge (market neutral) strategy. I wrote a program to extract all his long/short picks since April '02, looked up the historical quotes at entry/exit (i.e. not trusting his posted prices), and computed the return.

    Investing equal amounts between the long and short picks each week would have given a return of 19% over the past 7 months. Pretty damn good for such a low-risk strategy.

    The tricky part is managing 30+ stocks with weekly rebalancing. But I'm working on a program to help with that and when finished plan to heavily play this strategy.

    His market timing seems impressive though not infallible. But honestly, his "squeezometer" is so complicated you could claim he was right or wrong at any given time.
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    I signed up and cancelled after my first month. The squeeze play is just another indicator - it's nice, but useless.

    His short and long squeezes are too many and no average investor could trade them. His calculations are suspect and take no slippage or fees into account. No information for serious traders here (just good promotion).
  6. HIs service stinks and so does his software
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    Just received this in an email this morning in case anyone is interested in a 30 day free trial. I received daily email each morning for a while called "21st Century Alert Morning Briefing" that were actually pretty good in July during the first big selloff. They were encouraging people to "get in there" when things looked the bleakest and the $VIX was peaking over 50. And they always included Phil's 2 cents in their calls as part of the email. But Phil sent me his own email in Sept. and Oct. more or less predicting a market crash which so far at least, as we know, hasn't happened. So this might be worth looking into as a free trial and then take it from there.:)
  8. There'll always be a few people who might find it OK (hey, there are still people paying old Waxie for his BS), but I'd never recommend it (would actually recommend against - just don't think it's worthwhile). Plus Erlanger really comes off like such a pompous ass, didn't have the patience to put up with him for what little value there might have been.

    Good luck if you go that route.