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  1. taowave


    Anyone use Phicube software??

    Would appreciate any input


  2. bo came and spoke at the Denver trading group and I went the next day to the live trading was rather interesting and he traded the ES and the NQ rather profitably...
  3. Wow, too funny, I was there too that day! It works great in a trending market, but since it use ema's watch out in chop.

    He is a big fan of EW and fibs too. Nothing wrong with that though.

    I think Bo is a good guy, and I used his software for a few months, but then he just kept adding more and more stuff to where the charts were just convoluted. A real well-meaning nice guy though.

    I wonder if anyone from DTG still uses his software?
  4. that CBOT guy was rather distracting...

  5. No I meant I was at the demo on Monday with Bo and I guess you, as well as the Saturday seminar. There was only what 30 of us there I guess? Unless you are referring to his partner Michael, meaning CBOT guy, that was there on Monday. Too funny. I hope your forex trading is going well. You have a nice thread going.