Phases of the market

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  1. phase of market we just exited-


    current phase of the market-


    phase we are about to enter-


    Any questions?
  2. So I suppose this yet another thread calling for a top?

    Just trade what you see and leave the bull/bear market stuff for the historians to figure out and label.

    Good Luck!
  3. Cute, but you have no more clue than anyone else about the imminent future.
  4. Sure I do, I just listen to the signs. The most important sign aside from the econ. data is info from friends. A few of my friends work in management at different retail stores. They are all telling me the same thing, sales dropped off a cliff at their stores about 6 weeks ago. Say they are piling up inventory in the back rooms and nobody is really buying shit.

    The most eye opening one for me is Target. This guy is a location manager and said in all his years he has not seen such an upbrupt slowdown.

    So go ahead and brush this off if you dare, but the writing is on the wall and the countdown is on as far as timing. Hell, the market seems to have lost all momentum up here anyway, struugling just to stay flat. This bull looks exhausted.
  5. Well we'll see what happens. You already know where I stand.
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    put your money where ur mouth be, short the market and see what happens.
  7. You could be the all time greatest bull and right from the bottom, but until you actually sell something you have not made jack shit. Your great run can give alot back in a little time. If you were a great trader, you would start some defensive posturing on your portfolio instead of chasing that last little increment.

    The one thing I can promise you is that there will be no bell to tell you when the run is over, moves like this usually end very badly in VERY short time frames.
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    What planet are you on? Certainly not this one.

    Pull up a daily chart of the S&P and tell me where you see that momentum has faded, or how the market is "stuggling just to stay flat".

    There are a lot of adjectives one could use to describe this market, but "struggling" isn't one of them.
  10. Next 50+ points on ES from here (1533 basis June) is down, care to wager?
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