Pharmacists making six figures

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  1. What is the economics behind pharmacists making $100,000+ or $50/hr+?

    Clerks at CVS, Walmart, Target filling prescriptions - are those pharmacists making a cool 100k? Selling drugs doesn't seem like a bad job.
  2. How Much Do Pharmacists Earn? :

    Median Annual Earnings in the Industries Employing the Largest Numbers of Pharmacists (U.S., 2006)

    * Department stores: $99,050
    * Grocery stores: $95,000
    * Pharmacies and drug stores: $94,640
    * General medical and surgical hospitals: $93,640

  3. It looks like a lot of school for the wage. It's probably not a lot more school to become a doctor which to me would be a lot more interesting.
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    I am a pharmacist in North Jersey. I quit my job a few weeks ago after working a minimum full time schedule for 5 years. The pay is very good and helped me build my capital base. The work sucks big time. I really don't want to go back to it but I could get a job in a minute if I had to.
  5. They were paying some pharmacists more than that in DC in 1984. Saw the ads in the Washing Post all the time.
  6. In Canada too they get a good pay. But yes, there is a lot of study, and it must be boring as hell. I think part of the answer comes from the responsibility and risk they take. They must give the right pills to the right people and in proper quantity. If not, they may get sued. Maybe they pay some fat insurance against that. Otherwise it's a sweet spot if you can do it.
  7. Should be given consideration as a career. At least it's a well-paying job that can't be outsourced... or can it?
  8. you make even more than six figures if you sell some pharma products on the side... :eek:
  9. The reason pharmacists and nurses and doctors make so much money has nothing to do with the importance/contribution to the society.

    The only reason they make so much money is because there are not so many of them around. This is not because people don't want to become pharmacists or nurses but because board of nurses and board of pharmacists has a powerful lobby in DC to prevent additional schools offering these programs. So they keep a tight lid on how many nurses should graduate. Therefore supply /demand is always tight within a percentage. That is why they make so much and never become unemployed.

    I wonder why other professions did not start this mafia style control over DC.
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