Pharma Bro jailed after judge declares him a ‘danger to society’

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    Just for the record, in post #90, only the first quote is from me. But anyhow, ET180 got me curious with this:

    Care to list those? The only thing I can think of is making money for his investors but as we know he did that in an illegal way, so does not necessary classify as good deed, objectively speaking. (well, from the investors POW it was certainly good)

    I can't think of anything else. He didn't do anything else what others wouldn't have, so you can't claim that he saved something or someone, or discovered/developed something...
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    He's hanging on the fact that a company he was associated with developed a drug that made into some phase of clinical trials. Apparently makes him a swell fellow just getting picked on by all these big bullies. Just ignore the whole Daraprim thing, the Facebook threats, the securities fraud, the general assholery associated with everything the guy does...we should really be defending him apparently.
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    Yes, the other quotes were from Sig. I just didn't bother to take the time to add his name in the quotes.

    I'm not writing a biography on Martin so I don't keep a list of everything that he has done. I just noticed that the media and other political figures really hated the guy so rather than taking their word for it, I decided to do a little of my own research. However, I don't need a long list. From the Quora link that I posted earlier and backed-up with a more reputable source:

    That's the only piece of evidence that I need to claim that Martin has done some good things in his life. Technically, "things" is plural so I need more than one event...consider the $1M that he donated to his high school as his second good deed. So I made the claim that co-founding a company that delivered a cure for a rare kidney disease (still in clinical trials, but expected to gain FDA approval) would be considered by reasonable people to be a great contribution to society / humankind. Sig objected and made the ridiculous claim that Martin only did so out of narcissism (raising the question of how much arrogance and narcissism must one have to think that he can read other's minds) and actually acted to impede the efforts of researchers in Martin's company while providing absolutely no contributions to the research himself (which obviously is an unsubstantiated claim since Sig was not at the company and had no involvement in the drug's development).
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    First, he wasn't just "associated with" he was the janitor or cafeteria worker, he co-founded the company. Second, the Sparsentan drug is likely to gain FDA approval. So it's not like it just made it into clinical trials and died. Retrophin (RTRX) is still trading and has increased in price significantly over past few months. Third, I never ignored the securities fraud. I clearly stated that was wrong (even though no one lost money...situation could have been a lot worse). As for Daraprim, he talked about it in his Harvard talk and Daraprim is not the only drug to receive a huge price hike, the EpiPen being another recent example brought up in the media. I'd bet that there are many others that are lower-profile and do not receive the media's selective outrage. I have not studied the Daraprim case in enough detail to comment on it, but in general, if a company cannot sell a product and make a profit, what happens...the company goes out of business and no product. Same result from price controls or even market demand...if a company cannot make enough profit to justify the R&D and validation (drug approval) needed to release a product -- no product.
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    Once it gains FDA approval. Let's get back to it when it does, what could be years away. And his direct involvement was probably that he OKed the research. That is it.

    So this is one short list of his achievements....
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    What does that have to do with anything?
    Have you actually read what he's charged with? The pharmaceutical price hikes have nothing to do with it, directly anyway.

    People really should read more before commenting, uninformed opinions are a waste of time.
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    Generally when you admit you don't know enough about what you're talking about to comment on it, you should stop right there. But you proceed to indeed comment on it; can't make this stuff up! Clearly you didn't read a word I wrote about Daraprim, because nothing you said (after admitting you didn't know what you were talking about) applies to that situation! As I've already pointed out to you once in this thread, if you're going to respond to people at least have the courtesy to read the entire thread. Otherwise you just sound like one of those jackasses who buts in halfway through a conversation to disagree with everyone without actually having a clue what the conversation was actually about or what's already been discussed.
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    Read prior.
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    The company made it to phase 3 trials with strong data (potency, lack of serious negative side effects) to back FDA approval. Retrophin is seeking accelerated approval so it seems reasonable to expect this drug to be FDA approved soon. I don't see any evidence which would put a timely approval in jeopardy. Do you?

    As for his involvement, unless you were part of the company and working with him, you're just speculating. As I said before, he did co-found the company and so even if he contributed absolutely nothing on the research side, he will still be responsible for bringing a drug to market that benefits 40,000 patients in the US alone (see link above).

    It's a short list of achievements because I regard saving / extending human life to be one of the most significant accomplishments a human can make. Very few people can claim to have drastically improved the quality of life or saved thousands of people as a result of his or her work. So I don't need to waste any additional time analyzing the guy's life to conclude that he's done a lot of good...good that I wish more people were doing.

    Ok, now you're just making stuff up (although this time, it's about what has been said in this thread). First, you called out my claim that Martin helped develop a novel drug that cured a rare disease. A quick Wikipedia search would have showed you that you were wrong, but you didn't even both to check your own bold assertion. Most people would stop at that point. Then you began speculating and spewing out unsubstantiated claims in an attempt to spitball someone that you don't like. But after being shown that you were just making things up, now you are attempting to lie about what has been said in this thread. Since anyone can go back and read what has been said, I'm not even going to bother defending your ridiculous false assertion except to say that the only reason you brought up Daraprim was to pivot the conversation because as I said before, nothing that you brought up in that post was related to any of my claims or the discussion of whether Martin has done any good in his life. Since no one had been talking about Daraprim, it's obvious to everyone that you were trying to pivot the conversation to some other topic at that point. And as far as butting in on a conversation...I answered your questions (although you never really asked any questions or had a was mostly me pointing out a few of your many logical flaws in your written diarrhea of baseless speculation). You ignored my responses because you not find a logical flaw in any of the arguments that I submitted.
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