Pharma Bro jailed after judge declares him a ‘danger to society’

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  1. Definitely cocky, and immature, but far from an idiot.
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  2. DeltaRisk


    Not sure why it is illegal.

    Americans are capitalists, and the rich thrive on backyard Joe needing something.

    So what if you raise the price five thousand percent? That is capitalism.
    You can say, oh you have no morals.

    You are correct, in a society that only values money. Only those who value money can survive.
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  3. I agree. People won't complain to Apple when they dish out 1k for an upcoming iPhone 10, because it's a luxury, but for some reason they feel entitled to drugs and healthcare.
  4. ET180


    He's actually very bright and gifted. Watch his Harvard University talk. He just likes annoying certain people. He might be a troll, but he may have also saved some lives by sponsoring some clinical trials for rare diseases that no one else would have done. Overall, I think the world would be a better place if we had more people like him. Certainly more diseases would have been cured. Funny world we live in. Expose 140 million people to financial fraud / identity theft, no consequence. Jokingly place a bounty on someone's hair and go to jail.
  5. themickey


    It's no joke and he is an idiot.
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  6. Overnight


    I'd like to see the docket on this case before I believe it.
  7. He is an idiot -- you can't be winning in life...if you're caught o_O.
    It's essentially game over if your days are spent dealing with the law, and the courts.

    I'm sure he could have been a business genius...if he stayed the clean, righteousness path.
    It's just like trading, kind of, ...Push it to the Limits, or settle for safetyness/pureness...
    Only time will tell if you're a genius, or a fool.

    We all kind of constantly...just the Grey area of life. -- Neither 100% in the white or black categories.
    I guess that was why the 10 Commandments and 7 Deadly Sins were steer us and remind us of what is deemed right,

    Pharma bro, Karen the Supertrader, Madoff...there is never a shortage of temptation,
    Money is the root of all evil, the cliche saying goes, (or drugs, or sex scandal or violence/revenge)
    Some people are inherently's like they purposely seek out their own demise and downfall
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  8. thaitye


    I'm not so sure if I would call him an idiot. I doubt that he didn't suspect that he what was doing risky. I'm pretty sure he was cognizant of his decision, its just that his personality isn't compatible with the laws of society. Some people are intelligent, but also have to strong of a desire for self expression to stifle it. He likes to amuse himself and I'm sure fully aware that that there are risks involved with his behavior.
  9. Making a threat on Facebook - yup that makes him a genius.
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