PGTI (Nasdaq) - Potential Hurricane Play - 7.6 million float

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  1. A little about PGTI: PGT, Inc. engages in the manufacture and supply of residential impact-resistant windows and doors. Its impact-resistant products, which are marketed under the WinGuard brand name, combine aluminum or vinyl frames with laminated glass to provide protection from hurricane-force winds and wind-borne debris. The company offers a range of aluminum and vinyl windows and doors in various styles, including single hung, horizontal roller, casement, and sliding glass doors; manufactures sliding panels used for enclosing screened-in porches; and provides architectural systems line of products for multi story buildings. PGT sells its products to both the residential new construction, and repair and remodeling end markets through window distributors, building supply distributors, window replacement dealers, and enclosure contractors. It has operations in the southeastern United States, the Gulf Coast, and the Caribbean. The company was founded in 1980 and is headquartered in North Venice, Florida.

    The company was profitable in the last quarter and the float is only 7.6 million shares, with 727,000 of them (almost 10%) have been sold short.

    The chart is looking very good, as the stock is above the 10-day, 30-day, 50-day and the 200-day moving avgs:

    PGTI stock is owned 68% by insiders and 30% by institutions, which tells you that there are very few shares out there. If buyers continue to come in, one could have a major squeeze (as it happened in late July of this year from $4 to almost $6).

    Notice that the Point & Figure chart at the bottom is Showing “Bullish Price Objective” and a $11.25 target.
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  3. better to buy ung for a shortterm hurricane play?:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  4. Sure...UNG can also work...but if it goes from 39 to 43 - you make 10%.

    If PGTI goes from 5.16 to 5.90, you make 18%.

    With the huge short postition on PGTI and a much-better looking chart than UNG, my money goes with PGTI for now.
  5. Looks like Gustavo is going to hit land as a Category 4 Hurricane.

    NOAA Lab says Gustav on track to hit Louisiana early Monday as Category 4 hurricane
  6. gotta gustav, bought ung yesterday already up 2$ EASIEST play ever
  7. UNG vs. PGTI

    at the high of the day, percentage wise, both stocks did well.

    But PGTI might close with a larger daily gain than UNG.

    Note the volume also on PGTI...

    $5.90's coming
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    I see a big roof at 6 ...Fundamentally...pretty bad. I think you're taking a big risk if you play this, and if it goes the other way you are stuck holding the bag. I dont think it would be smart to buy until it breaks 6. I think you are being blinded by the slim percentage that this stock will actually be effected by hurricanes, when in reality it is sitting in a large amount of debt, its profit margins, earnings growth, revenue growth, are all horrible. Especially last qaurter.

    As far as UNG goes, I think that would be a better play, regardless of hurricanes. You're odds of making money are better, and who the hell cares if you only make 10%? You're chances of losing 10% are substantially lower. I wouldnt mind if it retested those 35 dollar levels, to help confirm this recent move is not just a throwback.