PGFBest, anyone trade futures with them?

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  1. Their commissions seem very high, $6 flat round trip for everything, including E-Minis and even E-Micro CME FX contracts.

    Any thoughts on this broker?
  2. Nobody? They are not a small firm. Is nobody here able to give some feedback on them?
  3. I hope you are not DYSLEXIC when you enter symbols!

    Did you mean PFG Best?

  4. LOL, yes PFGBest. Admin, can you please fix the title of the thread? Should say PFGBest.


    So anyone have thoughts on this broker? Who do they clear with?
  5. Thanks do you recall where those negative reviews were? I haven't found many while googling as far as I can tell.
  6. subban


    They are ok. I traded inside their wilshire blvd office in La futures. Commisions soso. I was looking for a group to throw ideas around but inside the office its pretty much everyone for himself.
  7. That sounds like a prop desk. They have a prop desk too? Are we talking about the same firm?
  8. A guy I know of who was trading, gambling actually, with a 7 figure account used them and they couldn't even get their accounting correct for his options. One day they were off by 20k.

    No why do you want to use them. No one recommends them.
  9. The problem with that is that OTC FX brokers almost universally get bashed by ignorant retail users. I never see that kind of feedback for futures brokers. So I am not so sure that FX feedback is going to be demonstrative of what to expect from them for futures.
  10. They're an old school stock broker from the days when rich clients paid $125/trade. They tried to get involved in Direct access trading by leasing out tech from some other company and presenting themselves as a cutting edge firm. Unfortunately, they're anything but.

    Why would you go with a firm like this when there are so many well known and generally well-reviewed forms out there? You'd even consider paying $6/RT? That seems kind of strange to me.
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