PGBC loses $4 billion-No Big Deal!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by cgtrader, Oct 24, 2008.


    Does anyone have a link to the story from roughly 8 months ago that talks about the new rules allowing the PGBC to invest a larger portion of their funds into equity markets than ever before??

    The PGBC was used to prop up the markets from falling much earlier.
  2. Shedlock is a fing PIMP! Man I love that guy, he is one guy that GETS IT!!!!
  3. I'm curious too. I looked around and this seems to be difficult to find. Must be buried somewhere in a black hole.
  4. Ah I have the link above, ya likely the official link is lost like a White House email.
  5. Good article on seeking alpha, sums up the mindset of the gov't. it's a merry go round.