PGate Basic - Cannot Remove this Adware/Spyware

Discussion in 'Networking and Security' started by hapaboy, May 4, 2004.

  1. Under my Add/Remove Programs list is one called PGate Basic. It appeared after I started getting bombarded with pop-ups.

    Well, it cannot be uninstalled in the Add/Remove Programs. Trying to do so takes you to the PGate Basic website, where they say you need to download something from them in order to uninstall PGate.

    Naturally I'm very skeptical. I'd hate to download something that may cause even further infection on my computer.

    After doing extensive research online it seems that I may either have to download a bunch of sophisticated programs to remove this insidious trojan, OR go ahead and risk that download from their website.

    I did run across a few comments on various tech support forums by people who said they had successfully downloaded the uninstall program from PGates' site and removed the program.

    Wondering if any ETers have run into this problem as well and what they did to remove it.

  2. A few days ago, I turned on my computer and my home page was replaced by a blue page with white letters. It said that I was being spied on. I couldn't remove it. A few days later this page was replaced by another page recommending porno sites. I couldn't remove it and neither could microsoft or hewlett packard.

    But then my free antivirus gave me notice that it needed updating. I did that and ran the program. Two viruses were removed, Downloader.Down and Harring.M and my original home page was restored.

    I,m using a free antivirus program that I learned about on ET. Its called the AVG antivirus system.

    Hope this helps.
    Good luck
  3. Download spybot and configure it to run when you start up windows. Windows has a problem uninstalling something if it is running in the background. Running Spybot as windows loads should solve the problem. You should only have to run it at start up once to fix it, then you can re-configure to run only when you want it to.