Pfizer Dividend

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Arnie Guitar, Jun 27, 2008.

  1. I was wondering how safe this dividend, and other dividends of similar yields are?
    Or are they a forecast of future interest rates?
    I don't see how they can continue to pay this div unless rates are going higher very soon.
  2. AAA30


    They have the cash to pay it but they may have to slow down on the repurchases. Paid out 106% of eps last year. Less risky then the div's on some of the banks.
  3. they affirmed it yesterday. and raised it when they sold the consumer products division to j and j last year
  4. clacy


    There will be no "block buster" drugs for Pfizer any time soon, unless they acquire someone else. Their pipline is empty....
  5. Exactly! They have ZERO pipeline. I know they're at a new ten year low, and their P/E is about "right," but the pipeline is dry as clacy noted.

    I wouldn't risk it for a 7.20% div yield. PFE is trading 8% under the 50dma, and 18% under the 200. I'd be on the sidelines on PFE for now.
  6. PFE is maintaining revenue through price increases and they are nearing the end of the line on that strategy.