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  1. Roscoe


    Anyone using PFG BEST Direct as an order entry platform?

    I am a PFG client so am forced to use this thing, but it lacks reliability IMO - often end up emailing my broker with the order or a moved stop, etc. (Which is not too bad as I am a medium-term position trader.)

    Appreciate suggestions (polite ones please...) on other order entry software. TIA!
  2. To be perfectly honest, myself and others who I communicate with about trading platforms, basically gave up on the PFG BEST Direct platform around the late fall of 2000...It was well advertised, marketed and promoted in early, 2000, but came with so many bugs, that alot of Intoducing Brokers that agreed to carry this platform lost good business as a result of only use a one platform solution...Amongst the problems I had with BEST back in the summer-fall of 2000 were duplicate fills, hanging orders, non transmitted orders, etc, etc...And remember this was during the most volatile time in market history...Needless to say, it was a stressful experience and I have not followed, nor has anyone else I talk to followed, BEST direct in close to 3 years...
  3. Same here ... many bugs in software platform in 2000-2001.

    Very overpriced commissions as well.
  4. Roscoe


    Thanks, glad it is not just me.

    Anyone care to suggest a trading platform that works well? I trade some pit traded things like Corn.