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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rasl, Dec 24, 2005.

  1. rasl


    I am thinking of opening a account with PFG Best Direct for trading es emini futures with there own trading software. someone on here must use them. how is their service, their software in real markets, account transfer handling , etc...

    thanks in advance
  2. R/T is a bit expensive, There customer service can-not be beat. There software is nice and works fine real-time. Account handling is also great.Execution of trades are fast . Try there demo...
  3. Not sure which software the last poster was referring to but I found their platform to be a bit buggy - they had released a beta version, I think. It was called Fast Direct or something like that. I talked to support about difficulties with the demo and he kept saying things like 'wiggle your mouse over it, it'll work if you hit it just right".

    Commission weren't anywhere near the likes of IB for low volume. I did get them impression that if you called them you would get someone on the phone right away.

    To tell the truth, I got the impression that PFG is a strictly retail operation in the old style, and not exactly for pros or even semi pros.

    As dell-boy said, try the demo and see how it works for you. If you need help, call Hailey in customer service. She is good and dedicated. I have absolutely no affiliation with the company.
  4. rasl


    tried to download the demo but link not working ,will phone custmer support after xmas
  5. My impression of PFG is that for an experienced trader that does not need the fluff and commissions is the only important consideration....PFG cannot compete...

    They are selling service not commissions...
  6. rasl


    downloaded the BEST Test simulated trading software and will be testing it duiring next few days, es emini rt fees they offerd me are .6 less then my current broker.
    thanks to all for replay and opinions
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  8. I have been using PFG for about 4 years. The platform is not as easy as some others I have tried but it offers fast executions, their customer service is awesome. The commissions are to high, in comparison to some others, they can be negotiated down but not enough. I am thinking of switching to Cytrade Futures and using the jtrader platform.