PFE...your thoughts.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by cash2trump, Sep 1, 2005.

  1. I have bought about 100 shares just to see how it handles itself with celebrex, bextra, and all the legal problems. With a price like that and the market cap of like 180 bil. its just too tempting not to get a little action on it. Discuss.

    edit: I purchased it in late march.
  2. Greggy


    Starting to go up from now. Current target is $32.5 . After that even I want to see how it will perform.

  3. Decent yield at this price. Good pipeline of products. Litigation meaningless. Daily chart looks good near term and imo the weekly chart is where I start accumulating a position. The previous poster's target coincides with the present 200 week sma, a reasonable target that if hit is a 20-25% non-annualized yield. We need to get above 27.5 and there will be some pretty smooth sailing I'd bet.... actually, I'm betting. :)
  4. KevinK

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    PFE is clearly fundamentally undervalued, and offers a strong large cap blend position IMO. The company is growing 16.5%, therefore lands right at a 1 p/e/g, and with a strong pipeline of drugs and 5x equity to debt, I think this stock is fundamentally undervalued and will see significant appreciation in coming months.