PFE Ballistic on news

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by nitro, Oct 12, 2005.

  1. nitro


    PFE prevails against UK generic competition of Lipitor.

    It is helping YM a little premarket...

  2. Shorted 12,800 at 25.50
  3. How did you get filled?
  4. Shorted on ARCA and ISLD premarket. Could have sold higher, and could have sold unlimited quantities even after it indicated.

    There were about 300k offered in the book at 25.50
  5. nitro


    He's using the library computer at the insane asylum - that is how he got filled.

    At the time of that post, PFE was nowhere near 25.50.

  6. Hydroblunt---uh, where can I meet you later to get some?
  7. LOL, sure but I'll have to scalp you.

    I figured you shorted pre market, but wanted to see if you were just BSing for attention. Shorting 13k of even a thick stock like is a playa move.
  8. nitro


    Ok, I know who it was who made the trade now because I was pm'd and it is from a trader that I happen to know does that size and and has made millions in the past. He changed his handle :(

    Still, bestfriend, post'em close to when you make'em next time. I think that is only fair.