Peyton Manning Blows another game for the Colts.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Hello, Nov 28, 2010.

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    Professional choke artist Peyton Manning Blows another game for the Colts, apparently after the game he was seen blowing eli in the locker room as well.

    2 pick sixes and another interception he threw lead to 17 points all from his turnovers. Plus for good measure he fired a fourth interception, just to prove what a loser he is. Time for indy to get rid of him.
  2. Not A Peyton worshipper, but have to say at the moment he is the offense. Like the Packers the Colts are lacking a run game. Both can win on the backs of their QB's against lesser teams, but put in a comaprable team or better and it will be a loss most of the time. Look at the Packers yesterday, Rogers was the leading rusher. That is stupid. The Sport page writers were all happy last week after beating a few teams with losing records. To them it indicated that the Packs management were genuises for not paying to get a replacement for Grant when he went down. Today the reality will come back. Football is a real team sport, you need more than one ace in the hole to go all the way.
    I'll add I enjoyed the Colts loss as my youngest is a Manning lover, and I have to rub it in. He's not a good sport about it either. :D
  3. Seems to be lost w/o Dallas Clark and Collie. He must have felt Clark would always be there when his primary wr was covered.
  4. The line of Boise St is better then that Colts line right now. Without Peyton, the Colts are the Panthers.