Pew study shows MSNBC really is more partisan than Fox

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    Hannity is no worse than his old side-kick Colmes. I can't stand to listen to Colmes even when it isn't election season. He is so full of BS. O'Reilly has taken to slapping him down when he is on 'The Factor'.
  2. yea right:

    Fox News Focuses On Benghazi Attack While Largely Ignoring Hurricane Sandy
    Fox News prime-time hosts barely mentioned Hurricane Sandy on Wednesday night, even as MSNBC and CNN reported non-stop on the massive cleanup efforts just south of Fox's Manhattan studio and throughout the surrounding region devastated by the storm.

    Instead, the Fox News hosts focused on the upcoming presidential election and the Sept. 11, 2012, consulate attack in Benghazi, Libya -- a story that’s been a mainstay on the cable network over the past six weeks amid suggestions of a White House cover-up. While Fox News correspondents have done solid reporting and raised legitimate questions for the Obama administration to answer, some of the network’s on-air hosts have been fanning the flames of conspiracy in what's been dubbed "Benghazi-gate."
  3. Obama loons like you are proof positive that liberalism is a mental disorder.
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    Max E.

    No real surprise here, The other thing I have noticed about Fox is even though you have cheerleaders like Hannity, most of their segments atleast attempt to put liberals on, even if they are outnumbered.MSNBC just puts liberals on 95% of the time to engage in a big circle jerk, they rarely have dissenting opinions, except for morning joe, which is the one show on that channell i actually enjoy.
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    And to add to this. I would love to see a study of which channel engages in more personal attacks. I rarely (outside of Hannity) see anyone on Fox call liberals names or go after them personally. Where as MSNBC on almost every show uses personal and vulgar language daily to describe those on the right.
  6. Fox is a legitimate news channel which also has commentators, chiefly Hannity. O'Reilly is opinionated but hardly a dyed in the wool conservative. Greta is pretty centrist, from what I can tell the few times I've seen her.

    The only reason Fox News seems particularly conservative is in comparison to the nonstop liberal bias oozing from ABC, NBC, CBS and the other cable channels. At least on Fox, they make an effort to separate news and commentary. By contrast, the networks make an effort to disguise the bias that taints their news reporting.

    MSNBC is not really a news channel so much as a zoo for buffoons. They actually gave a thug like Al Sharpton his own show. They kept a guy who seemed clearly to be suffering mental issues, Keith Olbermann, on for years until even they couldn't take it any more. Their "star", Chris Matthews, is a prime example of wanting to have it both ways. Unlike Hannity, he pretends to be an objective journalist. He even has a Sunday morning show on NBC, right beside David Gregory and Bob Schiefer. Yet in reality he is a rabid partisan with an ugly bullying approach. He seems to have a problem with strong women as well, not just the Palins but also Hillary Clinton notably.
  7. bengazi-gate is magnitudes more important than a very weak hurricane.
  8. If Pew said that Fox was more biased than MSNBC, you'd be happy to accept the Pew data as correct. However, since Pew dares to disagree with the Huffingtonpost, therefore it must be wrong. (Please don't argue that Huffingtonpost is unbiased. Not even Arianna Huffington would believe that.)
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    Of course he would "believe" it if it said the reverse. Free Thinker maybe an atheist, but he most certainly is a "true believer".
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