Petterfy says the bitch at Reuters misrepresented his comments

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by stock777, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. I thought it quite odd that Reuters came out with some story saying IB's CEO was effectively 'pre warning'. This was about 10 days ago.

    Seems it was just some C#$t trying to jack the price down , probably for her hedge fund friends.

    PS He didn't say bitch, that is my judgement
  2. PS, this was taken from the earnings CC tonight
  3. Eight


    Petterfy should fold, if 95% of traders lose his clients should all be nearly broke by now....
  4. The broker always make money.

    However, the IB client base is net profitable according to Peterfly. The smaller % of winners make more than all the losers combined.
  5. I never heard him say that , but it's certainly possible, and likely.
  6. Not today, he has said it in the past.
  7. No, I understood what you meant.

    Interesting CC as usual. Most CC's are boring as hell, but IB's are usually a good listen, especially the q&a
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    The guys that have Tradestation said something similar but they didn't break it out in winners and losers, just that overall clients were profitable to the tune of 15% annually or something like that... it was in one of the quarterly reports right after they went from software developers to brokers...
  9. Where's that Reuters idiot now?