Petroquest PQ

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by retaildaytrader, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. Saw this one on a message board that I frequent. Check it out.

  2. good find, thank you.
  3. I would wait until it gets over 4.80. If it starts the day at 4.80 and then never looks back I think it will be a safe buy.

    It might throw back at the open and reverse to the line or maybe lower. However, I dont think its going to do that. It did close right at the highs and there seemed to be buying into the close.

    I dont know anything about natural gas, but Im guessing that it will be followed by a few more strong days just like today. I think the probability is low that it will be followed by a down day at this point. The UNG etf looks like its being bought up in the AH session as I type this.

    So in short, if it opens at 4.80 and climbs then buy it. I would say that its a pretty good chance of opening up over 4.80 as everyone is thirsty for these single digit stocks and there is a big white candle. My experience is these big white candles usually mean higher pricing in the next few days.

    My opinion for what its worth...

  4. I sold all 10000 of my shares on the pop up because its way over the top Bollinger Band. Im going to wait a few more days and re-evaluate. Im expecting a pullback and then possibly another ramp.