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    I'd like to dedicate my full time and effort to start and ensure the success of a petition which protests against illegal conducts in the U.S. options markets, including a call for intensive formal investigation on the exchanges, market makers, brokers, and other parties. I consider this perhaps is a least not the last effort to use a paper weapon to resist the extreme unfair and illegal activities in the options market.

    Please support me by help me compose legal documents in expressive English. You will be even more helpful by providing vital leads to the investigation. Notice that the U.S house representatives and senates are the receivers of this petition, not the SEC whose integrity is in big question.

    This petition can not fail. In case if it does, you tell me what the next weapon would be.

    Thank you.
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    Let's start to act from this very moment. My first suggestion is the following.

    - start to organize a FAQ like preliminary document with basic facts
    - start to collect vital evidence in daily basis, such as preserve quote/execution problems, time and sales, etc..
  3. Give us examples besides the nonsense you post blaming everyone but yourself for your incompetence and inability to make money. You expect them to write you a cheque? You say No More Options, do us a favour and act as you say.
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    buddy, have you tried futures.......or gardening??

    it would be helpful if you gave specific details. i never realized that other parties didn't have my best interest at heart :D :D :D
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    My brother moved away to northern Cal to work for a nursery(yeah and my front yard looks like shit), don't insult gardners like that. They are like artists with love for their product unlike these assholes who have no appreciation for true beauty.
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    I say no more Minimi. Who's with me? C'mon, let's goooooo. Who's with me? Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? HELL NO!!!!
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    I will list some concrete examples in which the options exchange and market maker use illegal and evil rules to discriminate publics especially small investors.

    - cancellation fees to preempt price the fundamental negotiation ability of the publics
    - the pdt rules to limit the public freedom ability of choosing strategy related to margin they deserves as the options offer to all investors

    I have strict evidence regarding the above. I also have leads to other possible criminal activities happening on daily basis. Examples are:

    - use small orders to interfere outside small orders.
    - use small order to fake market and track public order at wrong price.
    - held order illegally
    - execute order illegally
    - misrepresentation
    - illegal policy/tactical advantages to make all illegal activities possible

    Please give your leads, evidences, and advice.

    Thank you.
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