Petition to un-ban Hapaboy:

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Rearden Metal, Nov 26, 2010.

Should Hapaboy be un-banned?

  1. Yes, let him back in.

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  2. No, keep his IP blocked.

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  3. Who the F is Hapaboy?

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  4. Don't know/Don't care.

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  1. Last year saw the banning of several well-liked ET members who responded aggressively to the provocations of King Troll Optional777.
    Banning numerous good ET members to protect one very bad one never made sense to me in the first place, but hey- this isn't a Democracy, and I understand.

    So now the situation is that Optional777 hasn't made a single post in over five months, under any alias, and one can only hope that he's currently lying in a ditch somewhere. Whether the King Troll is dead, crippled, or locked up on pedophilia charges, I think it's now a safe bet to say that he's never coming back to ET.

    So how about un-banning all the troll's detractors now? They get along with everyone else, pretty much. Mom0/pH0x has adjusted under a new user-name, and I'm not sure what TraderNik is doing... but I'm in contact with Hapaboy, who says that he's unable to post under any name because the static IP he uses was blocked. Could that be rectified, please?
  2. Lucrum


    I'll second his motion.
  3. Larson

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    Actually, the racist uproar seems to have subsided since "all" of the names you just mentioned have been banned. To mgmt: let's keep it that way.
  4. Magna

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    Please don't overlook the important distinction between an alias being banned and an I.P. address being blocked, as the latter only occurs in the most egregious of cases. Regardless of whether Zzz no longer posts at ET it doesn't change that repeated warnings were given by Joe and ignored by hapaboy and others who, in your words (from your linked post), "were pretty aggressive with their personal insults". And if hapaboy were to return, why should we expect any different response by him next time he disagrees with someone and, in your words again, feels provoked? I know you have taken this up as your cause in starting a couple of Feedback threads, but an issue that is not addressed is why certain people violate ET's Code of Conduct and self-righteously ignore repeated warnings by either a Mod or an Admin.
  6. <i>And if hapaboy were to return, why should we expect any different response by him next time he disagrees with someone and, in your words again, feels provoked?</i>

    Hi Magna... I see your point about Hap breaking the rules repeatedly and all, so I get where you're coming from. However, I have two points to make on his behalf:

    1) The situation with Optional was a unique circumstance that absolutely will not be repeated. Why not? Because Optional made a comment that he'd like to see Hap's children attacked by a pedophile, and <b>Hap neglected to do a screen capture to prove what was said.</b>

    If in the future some other douchebag were to make similar horrific statements about molesting his children, Hap has certainly learned his lesson regarding the gathering of evidence. The future troll/instigator will then be immediately banned by the mods, thus preventing any kind of multi-year feud situation like the one between Hapaboy & Optional. See what I mean? I don't see any possibility of anyone ever getting under Hap's skin the way the King Troll was able to. Optional's trolling talent was a unique and unsurpassed skill. He was the Michael Jordan of trolls, and all the other lesser trolls pale in comparison.

    2) One way to look at it, is that Hap broke the rules and was punished sufficiently for his deeds (nearly 10 months in exile).
    I don't think he deserves a 'life sentence'... do you?
    Perhaps you could consider his debt to society paid, and let him return to ET on probation. It's your decision, of course, I'm just making a suggestion...
  7. fhl


    I read a post on here by a mod some time back that was talking about another person that had been banned and kept coming back.

    The mod said something about the person in question paying ten bucks to get a domain and ip address or something like that.

    I don't know exactly how those things work, but it sounds like hap could just pay ten bucks and get back on here if he really wanted to.

  8. I'd buy it for a buck and send the lot of these sissies = pussies = snitches to Iraq or Afghanistan. They're all expendable.

    This priest in High School told me to pay $1 fine for each time I had masturbated during the previous week. I said "3 times" so he said, "then put 3 dollars in the church fund on your way out"

    Thinking fast and trying to pull a fast one, I said, "but father, all I got is a 5-buck note"

    Without a moment's hesitation he (possibly Rearden's mentor) replied, "then put the 5 buck note in the fund box, and beat off twice more for the week on the house"

  9. Magna is correct. It takes a really EGREGIOUS act to get banned from this board. Look at me as the example. I have had pissing matches with mods and users alike, but I am still here. My alias is still active. Some of the mods (and previous mods) have written against me even to the point of calling me a troll.

    I am certain that Baron had his reasons for banning Hapa and the other aliases. If I am still here after all the pissing matches with the various mods and users then it must take a lot to get banned from the board. I have been on other message boards where they bounced me on the first disagreement, but this board has allowed me to disagree and go against the grain on more then one occasion. I am curious to know what Hapa and these other users did to have their ip addresses banned, but I am sure there are privacy and liability reasons as to why those reasons are not being published.

    Maybe Hapa was running some type of subscription service or doing some type of advertising/soliciting. That usually gets people banned from here very fast and is the one sin that I know Baron does not take lightly.

    I am happy about ET's policies because they allow me some flexibility to disagree with the various things I see on this board without facing a penalty. There is a difference between a troll and someone who just disagrees with your opinion. On these trading boards, people tend to get wrapped up into their own opinions and when someone comes along to disagree they get unwound and use the "troll" word. Rearden Metal calls people trolls, but in fact, these so called "trolls" may be just folks who are disagreeing with his opinions. Lets be mature here and accept different opinions then resorting to name calling and accusations.

  10. don't know what he did to get banned but Hapa could use an IP anonymizer to come back.
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