Petition to move Volente's thread out of Chit Chat

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Should Volente's thread be moved out of "Chit Chat"

  1. Yes, I believe the thread is informative, educational and worthy of being moved.

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  2. Yes, the thread has helped me with my trading and provided that extra "education"

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  1. Volente is a well respected member and successful trader here at ET for nearly a decade. His thread "Volente's Bar and Grill" has been relegated to Chit Chat and its obviously a trading thread with just a few casual references to other things to break the boredom.

    I have posted a poll to petition Baron to move Volente's thread to its proper space on ET. Either the Journal or Trading section. It has now more then 84000 views and is 324 pages long full of good profitable trades and educational moments. Many members of ET participate in the thread on a daily basis and find it very informative including myself.
  2. I like Mr. V. He's a pleasant enough bloke. Please find it in your heart to grant him a pardon.

    Although he has never helped my trading nor provided any info toward that end.
  3. Joe


    Volente started the thread in Chit Chat, does he want it moved?
  4. I don't think he cares.
    Which is, in its own way, interesting.
    Let those who have eyes to see, see.
  5. Not suggesting that he's not what you claim but you were able to decipher all this from being here less than one month!! Holy balls, that's impressive. You are seriously skilled! :p

  6. nkhoi

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    your assumption is way off.
  7. What did he do so wrong to be banished to Chit?
  8. TRS


  9. Ijust think he deserves a second chance!
  10. He started it in chit chat if I recall. I suggest you don't worry too much about it. :)

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