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Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Good1, Mar 20, 2012.

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    Hi Baron,

    Just wanted to bring your attention to this thread and this issue, which went from Psychology to Chit Chat suspiciously quickly.

    I don't know what moderator moved the thread, but i have a clue based on interactions in this thread which was also eventually moved to Chit Chat. There is a moderator who does absolutely disagree with my positions, and would probably like to voice his opinion more in the thread, but can't, because it would immediately go off-topic and turn into a classic religio-theological debate that spirals downward. I avoid going in that direction and if you will notice, i DO NOT use the term "God" except as a last resort. I feel it has no place in a system of thought aiming at psychological health, or if it does, it must be completely redefined. And besides that, whenever he voices his opinion, i answer it in no uncertain terms. I believe, but could be wrong, that he became exasperated, felt he could not compete, and so, now uses his privileges to tip the tables toward non-discussion (trying to end the discourse).

    Of course, i could be wrong. But that's what a good investigative detective might think about it.

    Thanks for your consideration. It's no big deal...(yet?).
  2. I did not move the thread to Chit-Chat...another issue you are wrong about.

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    As i said, i might be wrong about it. So what does it take to be able to maintain a thread in the Psychology section? I don't post in Chit Chat or Politics and Religion.

    Would whomever moved it explain to me what the minimal threshold is?
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    It looks pretty generic. I was wondering if there was a threshold to maintain a thread in psychology forum. Is it supposed to be about trading psychology? Is that where we all go to get recommendations to read "Trading In The Zone"?

    My emphasis is on terms like:

    I propose mental frameworks to work within, to trade within. How do these not apply to psychology?