Petition To Fix the Investment Tax

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  1. Petition To Fix the Investment Tax

    Starting in 2013, there are major new Medicare taxes on unearned income including interest, dividends, capital gains, rents, royalties, passive-activities and annuities.

    There are also new IRS proposed regulations on the table that calculate Medicare tax on unearned income, where we think no Medicare tax should be assessed. In our opinion, Treasury misinterpreted the tax code, and we respectfully request a revision of these proposed regulations. We are asking Congress and the representatives of the administration to discuss our laundry list of problems with Treasury and to help Treasury better interpret the Code.

    See the full Petition on our blog at

    Thank you for your help.

    Robert A. Green, CPA
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  2. USA is becoming France ?
  3. cmb

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    lol they are taking the negatives of france without giving the positves!

    they will take 40% of our profits, and then we still have to pay for Health insurance, our kids college tuition. Its insane.

    the better system is Belgium....20% taxes, in that 20% tax bill college tution, health care,and retirement is taken care of! lol