Petition Baron for 30 second video direct upload

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  1. This is a petition for Baron to allow a direct on this site upload of videos of up to a certain megabyte size and for those videos to automatically purge from the system after say 3 months.

    This would allow people to easily post video as well as get users to check the site more often for videos and now that the price of server memory is much cheaper than when this site was started maybe it is a viable from a cost/productivity avenue.

    It also may help advertisiers who pay
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  2. wrbtrader


    You can easily post large videos off site at other resources and then "link" to those videos here at

    I've posted many times links to 3min - 15min music / movie videos on Youtube...they embed very nicely within the message posts here at ET.

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  3. so thats not my intention of the post now was it
  4. wrbtrader


    I've seen videos posted here at ET at duration of many minutes.

    That easily is larger than your > 30 second request for uploading.

    Thus, maybe the issue is not the length (duration) but its about the "type" or "format" of the media you're trying to upload ???

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  5. IMO ...... YouTube is best due to everyone being familiar with the player.
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  6. so you can post a video directly on ET without a link to another site or service?
  7. wrbtrader


    You'll have to talk to Baron about that...not sure how they did it. What's the format file you're trying to upload ???

  8. ZBZB


    Just click on share then copy in youtube.

  9. wrbtrader


    To post a video on ET without a link is refer to as "embed" a video / media into your message post.

    As shown in the below do such is via adding the url to the media button in your message post.

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  10. i dont have a youtube or want one or any other url