Petetion to send simon1080 as an ET rep to the vegas show..

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by simon1080, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. Whos with me ?????

    Trader expo in vegas is coming up. .and I hereby am asking for your votes for myself ( the most consecutive positive blotter posting trader and a true gentleman) to represent ET in las vegas trader expo. ..

    Sign in your name here and god bless!

    yours truely: simon1080
  2. nasdorq


    resist the urge to fall victim to simon's attention-getting mechanisms
  3. excuse me kind sir..

    Your surely mistaken towards my identity?


    (sipping on my English tea)
  4. I invite you to listen to one of my oh very favourites:

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    while you consider my proposal.

    (sipping on glass of red wine in utter sophistication while painting a portrait of my beloved finance with the other hand)
  5. simon1080, just ask your prince friend. And c'mon, are you telling me you don't have enough money to goto vegas for the weekend. Plz! Thinks are hard out there, but a great time Vegas can be done for 1k tops.

  6. I have enough money to buy half of vegas.

    Im asking for your kind votes to be the official ET representative!
  7. why dont ya? lol
  8. nasdorq


    lol...that's hilarious :D
  9. Wow ET forums get funnier and funnier. Simon you are a horrible liar.
    #10     Sep 24, 2008