Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund Makes Monster Bet on Bitcoin

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    ET has a low threshold for bullshit for the most part. ET is also capable of recognizing a blatant bubble when we see one. Now combine the two.
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    Touché. It's a shame, though, words don't make money and easy to talk a good game when you have nothing at stake. How about putting some skin in the game?

    I can put a couple of bitcoins on a bitcoin address, sign a message proving I own the bitcoins inside of it and I won't move them for six months. You go short 2 CBOE contracts and hold it for 3 months. Deal? (I have a lot more bitcoins but let's keep it friendly).

    You can easily verify the bitcoins by utilizing a watch-address on on the address to see if the coins move. If you don't know what i'm talking about, they're easy to google or I can send you links.
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  4. Everything depends on each person, people draw their tools according to their knowledge and experiences.
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    And there is objective truth: Bitcoin =/= Unobtanium
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    I'm fairly certain your replying to a spam bot
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  7. I met him before - very smart guy
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    Is that an argument? So was Isaac Newton (lost money on tulips) or so is Bill Ackman (3 consecutive losing years).

    He is probably just talking up his book, like Elon does. (<<<also very smart guy, just can't make profits)


    Now Thiel is in the position that he could easily hire 20 top notch full time programmers and work on fixing bitcoin. Would their advancement be implemented that is another question, but if he really believes in bitcoin he might as well try to fix it.
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  9. It is an argument that he will be hurt but not blow up.
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    I keep hearing this lame dumb pathetic excuse as to why bitcoin should trade higher.....
    I find it extremely amusing that just because there is $9 trillion worth of gold floating around in the world that ohhh bitcoin is still cheap, who thinks that a value of something has to be worth X amount because a totally different product is worth Z amount, stop with the Fu$kimg lame comparisons, cryptocurrency is magic coins created out of thin air...the hype is just ludacris ....

    And peter theil has a huge investment in bitcoin so he will do anything and say anything to keep the masses buying....
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