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    I'm supposed to view audio on the site below of Peter Schiff and to analyze or to know the concept of Peter on portfolio part or the ideas related to the portfolio of his thought but my English listening skill is very poor and I prefer the text so I can trasnlate words that I don't understand.

    is there text of Peter Schiff related on portfolio?

    I atucally looking for answers for these questions

    does Peter Schiff believe in:
    market risk is important?
    market is efficient market portfolio?
    inflation important?

    could you please provide me answer of each question with little detail so I can understand the concept

    Thank you
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    no answers :(

    any suggestions about Peter Schiff and portflio ? or any sites has information

    I need help please :(
  3. Why not just buy his books? There you can translate every word.
  4. Simple.

    Schiff believes in worldwide currency devaluation with the dollar getting hit the hardest so buy gold and lots of it.

    In case he is wrong, hedge yourself and buy foreign dividend paying real company's that produce real stuff so if the world as we know it doesnt end you will do fine.

    Doesnt cares about timing, cares about the endgame 10 years for now.
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    wow I was specting more detail but thanks for your post
  6. Look, every TV appearance the guy ever made can be found on youtube, every radio show the guy ever made can be find on his site as every article he has ever written too.

    So I thought iI would just make things easy for you.

    The guy is a permabull on precious metals it's as simple as that.

    He sees silver between 100$ and 200$ an ounce and gold at 5000$ an ounce before 2012.

    Buy them and if you want leverage buy the miners.

    If you think he is a tool steer away.
  7. Get off your lazy ass and do your own homework.

    a) Search function
    b) Google Schiff, there are 1000s of free articles
    c) Buy his books and read
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    There was a thread a few weeks back that included a video of Schiff trying to justify a 40% drawdown in his managed account program. You can find via the search option. Point being, he's made some great calls but his managed accounts are struggling.
  9. You lazy fuck--there are tons of articles on the net about him. No small wonder you are and will end up a complete fucking loser.