Peter Schiff: U.S. Rally Is Doomed, Gold Will Hit $5000

Discussion in 'Economics' started by WallStWhizKid, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. IS that right, stealth vendor??? Gathering the flock for fleecing I see. A know it all who knows nothing.

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  2. S2007S


    Gold to 1500 by end of 2010.

    $5000 is certainly not out of question by 2020+
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  4. Eventually he may be proven right yet again, but in between his being right, there will be opportunities to make money with the market rather than against it.

    I have been a longer-term gold bull myself, but the latest COT data does not bode well for gold prices going forward. A big correction in Gold may be in the cards before we see $5000.

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  5. If I had a nickel for every time gold was going to double-triple in price...
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  6. Devin Brady

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    I remember trading gold at $265 about 10 years ago...not a bad return.
    Missed the move picking up your nickels?
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  7. That is a horrible return. I can name 10 other issues that got 5-fold or higher returns in a shorter timeframe over the past 10 years.
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  8. Yes indeed.


    Fanny and Freddy


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  9. Devin Brady

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    And I can name 2000 others that didn't---what a terrible argument.
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  10. can you also remember that gold has been a terrible longterm investment??? It reached $800 decades ago.
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