Peter Schiff: U.S. Rally Is Doomed, Gold Will Hit $5000

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  1. Obviously its not possible for someone like you. You are the type of guy that if you try something and fail (which is probably quite often) you believe it can not be done. Your type are a dime a dozen and are always the wage slaves of the world that never get anywhere because you always give up when things get tough.
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  2. Oh yeah...growing a 70k account to 160k is IMPOSSIBLE! He should just jump off a cliff right now. <snicker>
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  3. the worst thing about schiff is not that he killed his clients; the collapse was brutal and everyone lost money. he did worse than almost everyone but still it was a brutal time. what makes this guy a special case is that he GOES AROUND TAKING CREDIT FOR CALLING THE COLLAPSE. how can someone call the collapse and then get crushed so badly? if he actually knew what was coming why would he not profit off of it? at least preserve wealth?
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  4. Pekelo



    Schiff wanted to diversify in Asia and such, but he didn't count on the whole world going down together.

    Why he wouldn't just short the panic, beyond comprehension and it makes him a bigger idiot than those who stayed long and went down that way...
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  5. Next stop Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institution right along next to Papi?

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  6. Shorting is risky. You dont take risks like that with other peoples money.
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  7. Daal


    Being long equities before a huge crisis is not risky?I guess Schiff is not familiar with the concept of correlation. Did he honestly thought that ES could be cut by 2/3 and all his asian junk would be ok?
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  8. achilles28


    Anyone got Schiffs annualized returns since inception? Even monthly returns from inception?

    I'd like to see that.
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  9. Peter Schiff appears on Fox News.


    And he wears a bow tie.

    Enough said.
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  10. Pekelo


    Hell, trading is risky. Shorting in a bearmarket is LESS risky than going long... :)
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